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The Tram Story

The Discovery of  the Tram


Once upon a time there was an old tram resting in a field in Mullagh, Co. Cavan in Ireland. It was built in 1902 in Philadelphia, then transported to Lisbon where it spent most of its life working at the service of the city and its inhabitants. After many years in the bustling capital city of Portugal, it was donated to a transport museum in Colwyn Bay in Wales and a few years later, somehow, the tram found itself in Cavan.

One day, a man called Dave, while driving through the countryside, accidentally took the wrong road and ended up right beside that field where the tram was laying. Immediately he fell in love with it and he got struck with a lovely memory of when, as a child, he had spent a few nights sleeping in a similar tram. Full of excitement, Dave had a great idea: to restore the tram and bring it back to its original beauty; he envisioned  a pretty busy cafe, filled with good food, pleasant people, nostalgic 1920's music, sunshine and laughter, but first, he 

needed to find out who owned it.

To Be Continued...

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